Jay Askerov

Moden React For Beginners #4

Javascript / 14-Sep-16 / No comments

Here we will be creating a simple application for tracking a reading list. Our data will be stored in a local storage of a browser. A user can add books to read and delete them, when he has finished reading. You can see the demo and sources on github through the links down below:

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Modern React for beginners #2

Javascript / 09-May-16 / No comments

Let`s continue where we left off. So, last time we set up our environment and did not do much more. This time let`s do a simple counter example. The only file we are going to modify now it`s our index.js inside src directory.

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Modern React for beginners #1

Javascript / 01-May-16 / No comments

I am learning and working with React right now, so this might be a good opportunity to help you to get started with React and also to practice my teaching skills.

So, what are the prerequisites? I am going to assume, that you are familiar with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and a little bit of ES6 syntax. Also, I expect you to have installed Node and that is basically it. You don`t have to know NodeJS exactly, but you will need it`s package manager (NPM). If you are not familiar with ES6, it is probably ok, there is not going to be much complicated stuff, you might grasp the concepts as you go.

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Three months of learning French

Learning / 24-Mar-16 / No comments

I`ll start with a little bit of excursus. About three month ago I decided to learn French language. To mention, I am not a native English speaker as well. I was born in Azerbaijan and currently live in Baku, and as my country was in former USSR, I speak both Azerbaijan and Russian languages. Actually, I even know Russian a lot better.

English was my third language, and I did learn it at school and with the help of my mother, who is an English teacher. But language isn`t just reading and writing, a couple of years ago I could not understand English spoken videos or Hollywood movies without dubbing. However after practice with watching movies I overcame this barrier and now can understand everything easily without subtitles and this way I enjoy movies and TV-shows a lot more. So for me learning a language is also to be able really use it.

So French would be my fourth language. I had had this idea to learn a new language for quite a long time. I was deciding between French and German, and then I thought — enough debates — I`m just picking French and we`ll see how it goes. Also, I have a friend in France, so that played a little part in choosing as well.

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